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Do YOU feel the WARMTH?

We sure do! The response to our name change and acknowledgement of our growth has been tremendous. May we be stronger, more flexible, and abundant as we move through this crazy-yoga-pilates-life. We are a blessed studio that is continuing to grow together.

Many of you have taken a gander at our new site. If you haven’t, take a moment to click the link below. We are pleased to update our information and coverage of studio happenings.

WARMTH is upping its game digitally in more ways than one! We have created our own branded and personalized APP to keep you informed on the go! You can view our schedule, sign up for classes in advance and pre-pay for classes and packages. Download it on your phone now to make your life easy! It’s gorgeous, sleek and easy to use. Simply go to your phone, search warmthstudios, and you will be in the know! Stay current from anywhere at any time.



student of the year 2016

Shiny Happy Student of the Year

Lisa Green

Every year we award one of our students with the Shiny Happy Yogi of The Year award. This student is someone that exhibits a strong connection to their true self, demonstrates balance, embraces our community, and in the case of Lisa Green, lights up the room when they are present. What does our Shiny Happy Yogi get in return? They get their own towel hook for the year and we do their laundry for them. Oh my!

Lisa took the time to sit down and answer a few questions about her practice and experience at our studio.

How often do you practice a week?

I practice between 3-6 times/week

What is your favorite pose?

Triangle, it always challenges my mind and body the most, it helps me learn how to stay chill through breathing. It is the one pose(well, maybe except for camel) that my breathing makes a huge difference.

Where do you spend your time when you are not at the studio?

I work as a Dental Hygienist 4 days/week. When I’m not at work, or in the nice and warm yoga room, then I’m trying to spend as much time outside as possible.

What do you love?

I love having “time freedom”…I feel the most happy when I have time for myself, my loved ones. I love that I love my job, that I can help make a difference in people’s lives, no matter how small. I feel that it’s impossible to “waste” time. It’s all about perception. I’ve realized that even if I sleep a little longer on a Sunday, that I didn’t “waste” part of the morning, it is because I needed to sleep and relax a little longer 😉 It’s all about moving towards “balance” for me. I’m always striving towards balance, love & happiness, because those things give me “time-freedom”, and that is what I love.

What advice would you give a first-timer?

One of the things that helped me the most initially, and still does, is to be “teachable”. To listen with open ears and an open mind, because you never know when one thing, big or small, can ultimately make a huge difference in your life.

Tell us your “studio-story”:

I came to my first class with no expectations and was just wanting to take time for more “stretching”. This was difficult for me because I always wanted to get the “cardio/high impact” workout. I run and used to race mountain bikes, and never spent  the time to stretch that I knew I needed. I was over dressed, and figured it might be hard to stay quiet for one and a half hours. How I felt after I finished the class was unexpected. I felt invigorated, amazed that I actually got a cardio workout too, and excited to come back! I bought the introductory package and came back 8 out of 10 days. What happened after a few weeks of yoga was unexpected, my lower back stopped “burning” after just one work day.  I didn’t expect this, the 8 lb weight loss, or the feeling of being more relaxed.

Yoga is now a place for me to spend time with myself, and knowing how many benefits it gives me keeps me going back. Again, I love to spend time with amazing   people, and every time I walk into our yoga studio….I am surrounded by them.

Yoga has helped me overcome my fear that I might not be able to work in my field for as long as I like. I’ve also been able to learn how to release what ever doesn’t have a purpose in my family’s life.  I know it is the one “exercise”, mental and physical, that I will never stop practicing. I’d rather pay for “well-care”, instead of  sick care! I believe that my family likes me better when I’m practicing consistently….I’m just happier!

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