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Home is where the WARMTH is…

Dear WARMTH Community,

I am writing to let you know that the move to 819 Whispering Pines has been put on hold. I came to this decision after a lot of thought, problem solving and processing. Prior to signing onto a new location I did the due-diligence of meeting with several contractors along with an architect and a designer to get estimates of a hot yoga studio build-out. With that information, I felt confident in my choice. Four months later and counting I am well over double the budget that was proposed and it is still rising. I cannot in good faith take our studio down the current path and be confident that the business can withstand the move. There are several options on the table as to where our studio will plant our roots as our long-term home. Where that might be, it will be sustainable and responsible and it  is my job to ensure that is the case. A location does not define us, home is where the WARMTH is and together we will create a strong foundation.

Some have advised me to not share the above information with you until I have a concrete plan of our next steps. I decided to stand in the truth of our studio situation and to be transparent. In the challenging meetings, budgets and fall-out that has developed, I grew strength and motivation to make sound choices and move forward from the community that has become WARMTH. You, our students deserve to know what is happening on the back-end and the developments.

My promise to you is that I will continue to seek advice and problem solve as what to do next. My promise to you is that by the end of the Summer I will let you know our next steps. We currently have a home in our Golden Gate Terrace location for more than a year and this home and comfort will bring positive possibilities to us.

On behalf of my staff and myself we stand humbly by each other in support of our community and wherever we are located we know that we will remain us. We will remain dedicated to modalities and classes that create strength, flexibility and balance for us in and out of the room. Thank you for your support and for continuing to stand by us as we stand by you.


In warmth,

Kelly Callender

owner, yogini, inferno enthusiast



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