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It’s Challenge Time!

I don’t know you about, but I am up for the challenge!… I have never been more ready to dedicate myself to my practice. The change in seasons, the change of ownership, mother nature’s fiery roar blazing through our community, the Holiday season on the horizon…. all of these are reminders that it’s time to be hitting the mat now more than ever. We’re challenging you to complete 60 classes in 70 days… but we’ve added a twist this time around. We’re offering credit for up to 10 classes for doing “off the mat” activities. Off the mat activities can be anything that helps you develop & strengthen your body / mind connection.

We’ve added some workshops and pop-up classes along the way to keep you going through the challenge.

Our first workshop is happening this Saturday! We’ll be learning about Inversions with Francisco. We have a few spots left, click the link below to sign up!

This workshop will give you the tools to build strength & move into inversions with confidence. If you’re reading this and thinking… “I could never do an inversion”…. this workshop is just for you! If you practice inversions regularly but need a little help staying upright & stable in a handstand…. this workshop is for you! Francisco’s teaching style is fun and playful and you’re sure to try something new and get to know your body in a different way during this lighthearted workshop.

Tiffany Chen will be giving a talk on Ayurvedic nutrition on October 21st. She willl teach you how to eat for your body type according to Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga.
After the talk Tiffany will be offering complimentary tongue and pulse diagnosis.


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