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New Studio Update!

Hello & Happy Saturday!

I hope that 2018 is off to a great start for you. I hope that you’re feeling refreshed after the holidays and inspired to get back at it – back to your yoga practice, that is.

We’ve been working hard at our new location, 155 Spring Hill Dr., in order to get things open and ready for you! If you’ve been reading these newsletters, you know that it’s been a pretty hectic month for us. In the beginning of December we were significantly behind schedule. We started looking into temporary locations for the month of January since our lease was up on December 31st. We weren’t able to find a location that would suit our needs, and by the middle of December we had made good progress on the new studio, better than expected. We decided at that time that it made more sense for us to not invest our time and energy into a temporary location, but rather focus all of our energy on the new studio. We committed to doing everything we could to get the studio open as soon as possible. We jumped in head first. We were told in the beginning of this process that in order to move the heater we’d have to be closed for 1-2 weeks, regardless of whatever other construction was going on, so we knew we would have to be closed for a short period from the get-go.

We’ve been so fortunate to be working with a wonderful contractor who understands our needs and is doing everything he can to get the job done. Isaiah has been working by his side and they’ve spent weekends and New Years day working, along with many late nights for Isaiah and me.

I’m so excited to share with you that yesterday we had our first 2 inspections and we passed without any further comments or corrections. Yay!!!

We have 3 more inspections to go. Our next inspection will be Monday, then 2 more on Thursday & Friday.

One of the biggest challenges we had in the buildout process was finding a plumber to commit to the job. We had plumber after plumber (8 total), come to the job and turn it away as it was too big. We started searching for a plumber on December 1st, and finally found our plumbing hero on January 2nd. Phew, what a relief it was to find someone who was ready to take on the job!

It was the help of our community that made it happen in the end… a couple students stepped up and started calling plumbers for us, it was a real team effort. Thank you so much Lorrie  & Jeff!

Now we are back on track and we expect to open our doors for business on January 13th. Due to our plumbing challenge, we won’t have the locker rooms and showers available for use until February. We have a bathroom and we’ll have a temporary changing area set up in the lobby.

Our January 13th opening date is dependent upon approval from the fire marshal for temporary occupancy. I don’t anticipate ay issue with this, but in the nature of full transparency I want to let it be known that we won’t have our final confirmation on this until we have our final inspection on January 12th. This is a HUGE lesson in patience and trust for me.

I know that most of you are just as eager to get back into that hot room as I am. I hear you, I feel you, and I promise you we will be there soon! 

I will be sending out a final confirmation on Friday, January 12th to let you know that we are, in fact, opening for business on January 13th. 

Thank you so much for your support through this transition. I can not wait to share our new space with you, I know that you are going to love it!

May 2018 bring you peace, contentment and abundance. May Warmth provide a space for you to move, sweat and breath your way back to your true self. 


Mariah & Isaiah Sunrae


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