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Our studio is steeped in tradition of hot classes where you not only walk away glistening with sweat but leave with a sense of clarity and a truer understanding of yourself. We have a wide variety of classes to fit your mood and your needs. We are proud to offer you exactly what you need.

A chal­leng­ing full-body training system which combines Pilates prin­ci­ples with high intensity interval training. Inferno combines car­dio and muscle toning in a heated room. The high intensity interval training keeps your heart rate up, helping you burn fat. The Pilates prin­ci­ples sculpt your body, cre­at­ing long lean muscle mass and core strength. The heat loosens up the muscles quickly, and the humidity makes you sweat — elevat­ing your heart rate, boosting metab­o­lism, and pro­mot­ing detoxification.There is no impact, so it is safe practice for all fitness levels of students. This class is infused with ways for you to burn through your past, transform your life and to love the future that lies ahead.
 This class is 60 minutes with moderate heat and humidity.
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Weighted Hot Pilates or WHP (not to be confused with IHP), is unlike anything else offered here at Warmth. This unique class holds pilates core control principles, just like our Inferno classes, but with a twist. We incorporate props that you won’t find in any of our other classes- such as hand weights and pilates balls to deliver a dynamic workout unlike any other! WHP is a lower heat class, but dont let that fool you- the intensity is unmatched! Like all other Warmth classes, Weighted Hot Pilates is low-impact; remaining easy on the joints and a great fit for ALL levels. Whether you’re a rookie to heated exercise, or a well established veteran… if you’re looking to tone and strengthen your body, this class is for you!

 This class is 60 minutes with low heat and humidity.
This is the Yin to our Yang studio schedule! This form of yoga is a wonderful compliment to a more Yang yoga practice and lifestyle that we as Westerners find ourselves in far too often. Yin is unique in that once an appropriate edge is found, the pose is held with relaxed muscles over a period of time. Keeping the muscles relatively passive allows the benefits of the posture to transfer to connective tissue, such as ligament, fascia, and even bone at the joints and throughout the body. Success in a Yin pose is characterized by the feelings of fragility and vulnerability, and a lack of desire to move. Due to its focus on the spine and central nervous system it is an ideal practice to promote peace and self-realization.
This class is 90 minutes with no added heat or humidity.
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Vinyasa yoga is a style of practice in which our breath becomes linked to our movement. Linking ones breath with intentional movement of the body serves many purposes and we reap many benefit from this style of movement. All of the vinyasa classes offered in our space will build the sacred connection between mind and body. Each of the three styles offered will leave you feeling revitalized and invigorated, giving you a newfound fire passion for life. Moving intentionally with the breath removes energy blocks that you may not know are there, allowing you to think more clearly, act more efficiently, and overall feel more like your truest self. As we move through our daily lives our energy becomes chaotic- moving in all directions. When we focus inward and bring awareness to the breath and its relation to our body movement we can effect the direct flow of prana (energy), therefore reorganizing the flow within ourselves and creating more open and efficient minds and bodies. Vinyasa yoga is a style of practice, like many others, that challenges the minds along with the bodies; thus benefiting both the mind and the body. Find yourself in the warm room with us, take time to give back to your mind body and soul and give one of our three sub styles of Vinyasa a try.

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Solar vinyasa will be most similar to the Warmth Flow Vinyasa style class format we are accustomed to. This 60-minute, 95 degree class will focus on the third chakra, the fire element within us. We focus on building internal heat, core strength and transformation within ourselves. Solar vinyasa will be our most powerful style of movement, this class is where you will find your namaskars (chaturangas), or sun salutations. Solar Vinyasa is for you if you wish to build strength through your practice; integrating core work, heat (internal and external), and an intense demand for 60 minutes of internal focus.

This class is 60 minutes with moderate heat and humidity.

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Lunar Vinyasa, our most meditative style of vinyasa. This vinyasa style will be the slowest moving, while still offering the opportunity to enjoy vast variety of postures. Lunar vinyasa is a moon centered style of movement. This 60-minute, 90 degree class will include postures to open the mind, body and soul. This class will focus on the meditation portion of our practice, giving us all a space to take ourselves inward and meditate through our hour together. This style of vinyasa will remain safe and accessible for those of us with tender shoulders/wrists, as we will save the chaturangas for our other vinyasa styles and keep this lunar class nice and gentle.

This class is 60 minutes with low heat and humidity.

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Our heart centered vinyasa style class. This 60-minute, 95 degree class will be focused on balancing the flow of energy through our 4 th chakra, or heart center. This style of vinyasa will combine the namaskars we see in Solar with some different, more expansive postures we will only see here in our anahata class. Our anahata chakra is connected with the air element, for this reason this class will start and finish with vocalization, another unique piece of this particular vinyasa style. This moving mediation will offer various opening postures, opening our entire bodies- all through our heart chakra.

This class is 60 minutes with low heat and humidity.

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Bikram Yoga is a challenging series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, suitable for all ages and all levels of ability. This series was designed with the goals of strengthening every system in the body in order to prevent illness and injury, promote weight loss and limit the effects of aging in mind. Each posture stretches, strengthens, and prepares specific muscles, ligaments, and joints needed for the next posture. The Bikram method also stimulates the organs, glands, and nerves, moving fresh oxygenated blood to 100 % of the body, restoring all systems to a healthy working order. The series of postures also improves concentration, patience, determination and self-control to increase mental clarity and reduce stress.
A Bikram-based class, designed for those who are beginners, concerned about the heated room, or are coming back to the studio after an injury or a long break.
This class is 60 minutes with low heat and humidity.
The traditional Bikram Yoga class you know and love, as described above. Suitable for all ages, level of ability and experience. An excellent way to combat  the rigors of modern society and lifestyles.
This class is 90 minutes long with high heat and humidity.

Our traditional Bikram Yoga series set to tunes. As the instructor we practice with you. All levels are welcome!

This class is 90 minutes long with high heat and humidity.

A Bikram-based class but with a twist. Golden Hour is designed for the student who has mastered the Bikram basics, loves a good tune, and is looking for some variety along with a fun challenge. It has proven to be a great space to focus on fundamentals and to incorporate postures from other hatha yoga styles.
This class is 60 minutes, high heat and high humidity.

The intermediate class is a combo of our original 26 postures with a twist on the 84 posture advanced series. The room is kept at the standard Bikram temperature, and is a class for all levels.

Please note this class is challenging & runs for 75 min, but all are welcome & encouraged to try. The best way to improve your practice is to try some new poses, and this is the perfect class to do just that!


We also offer private instruction.

Contact us for details and let us know which instructor you would love to work with!