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Solar Vinyasa

Solar vinyasa will be most similar to the Warmth Flow Vinyasa style class format we are accustomed to. This 60-minute, 95 degree class will focus on the third chakra, the fire element within us. We focus on building internal heat, core strength and transformation within ourselves. Solar vinyasa will be our most powerful style of movement, this class is where you will find your namaskars (chaturangas), or sun salutations. Solar Vinyasa is for you if you wish to build strength through your practice; integrating core work, heat (internal and external), and an intense demand for 60 minutes of internal focus.

Lunar Vinyasa

Lunar Vinyasa, our most meditative style of vinyasa. This vinyasa style will be the slowest moving, while still offering the opportunity to enjoy vast variety of postures. Lunar vinyasa is a moon centered style of movement. This 60-minute, 90 degree class will include postures to open the mind, body and soul. This class will focus on the meditation portion of our practice, giving us all a space to take ourselves inward and meditate through our hour together. This style of vinyasa will remain safe and accessible for those of us with tender shoulders/wrists, as we will save the chaturangas for our other vinyasa styles and keep this lunar class nice and gentle.

Anahata Vinyasa

Our heart centered vinyasa style class. This 60-minute, 95 degree class will be focused on balancing the flow of energy through our 4th chakra, or heart center. This style of vinyasa will combine the namaskars we see in Solar with some different, more expansive postures we will only see here in our anahata class. Our anahata chakra is connected with the air element, for this reason this class will start and finish with vocalization, another unique piece of this particular vinyasa style. This moving mediation will offer various opening postures, opening our entire bodies- all through our heart chakra.

These classes are 60 minutes long with low heat and humidity.