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There are many things about Bikram yoga that people find peculiar.  The most obvious (obviously) is the heat, 105 degrees of pure unadulterated sweat producing heat.  Then there’s the carpet, which most people find disgusting at first but, like the heat, eventually come to embrace.  Finally, there are the mirrors…”

Bikram Yoga & The Mirror

Welcome. Like it or not you are now a part of the Bikram Yoga family. Whether today’s class will become something that is laughed about with friends and never attempted again, a daily routine, an occasional pass time, your experience today will stay with you forever. This means I have ninety minutes, and ninety minutes only to show you a practice I have dedicated a part of my life, my heart and much of my body to. So listen carefully…”

An open letter to a new student on their first class

Making the practice of hatha yoga accessible to six billion people worldwide is the primary philosophy underlying the development and growth of Bikram Yoga. Created by Yogi Raj Bikram Choudhury as a practical distillation of the classical eighty-four postures as set forth by oral transmission and recorded by the Vedic sage Patanjali, Bikram’s method of Hatha Yoga stands as a structured and…”

About Bikram Yoga

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