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Check in here for monthly information on our studio specials, highlights on our students, moves and postures of the month, and special events written by yours truly, Kelly. I’m the studio-momma around these parts and I have a lot to say! I’ll also be starting a blog covering our crazy-studio life, the gifts it gives us, lessons learned, and shared stories of our community. If you want to know a bit more about me and what I am all about, head on over to my staff page to learn the juicy details.

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october 7, 2016

What benefits do you get from taking a class at our studio?

What benefits does a person get from taking a Bikram Yoga class, the heat, an INFERNO Class? This is a question I’m asked on a regular basis while networking in line at the Briar Patch, a dinner party, or at the studio when a new student walks through the door for the first time. You’d think I would have an answer by now due to the frequency in which it is asked, but I must confess, I don’t. We all come to the room for different reasons and we all get something different from the modalities we offer at different times. What I do know is this: If you practice at our studio 5 days a week, it will change your life. How it will change your life is part of the mystery of yoga, group energy, core work and community love. Only time will tell.
 As so many of us fill the halls at our studio tomorrow, embarking on our Fall Challenge, I cannot tell you what benefits you are going to gain. I can tell you the possibilities are endless. I can tell you that your practice will change for the better and in turn your life on all levels will do the same. You will be changed mentally, physically and spiritually. How much? In what ways? These are things that only you will know the answers to. You deserve to know the answers.
Yes, we are coming into a busy season for many of us–with the holidays, schedules, vacations, but maintaining your health during these times is IMPORTANT. You are not the person you are going to be on January 1st of 2017. You have the power right now to decide if you will be healthier and stronger or if you will be starting over once again. Start with us TOMORROW! Commit today. We are here for you and so are your fellow students and WARMTH team! We’ll see you on the mat.
 In warmth,
Kelly Callender
 owner. yogini. inferno enthusiast.

Shiny Happy Student of the Month

Erin Pardini

We are bringing back a studio tradition–recognizing the best of us! We’re all about celebrating our students here at WARMTH, and what better way than to feature one of you each month. Many of you have inspiring stories about how you found our studio and the positive changes it has brought to your life, and we’re excited to share them here as motivation for all.

What makes you feel warm and fuzzy about walking into WARMTH?

Walking into Warmth whether in the early morning hours or for the last class of the day, there is a feeling that takes over. It is of harmony. Warmth is more than a studio, it is a place of friendships and relationships. There is a commitment of goodwill in the interactions of the staff and the students. All seem to want to contribute harmony to the environment.

Why do you like it hot?

The heat of the studio brings out a pure detox of the day. It releases through each bead of sweat the old unneeded emotions and allows the new a place to live.

What wisdom would you share with a student coming through the studio door for the first time?

One of the most beautiful things about this life is that we at any age can experience a first time for anything. So to those who are coming into Warmth for the first time, build a slow and solid foundation of grace for yourself. Enjoy the journey and don’t worry about the outcome.

Who introduced you to the studio and got you to step on your mat for the first time?

My amazing daughter Chelsea was the one who encouraged me to believe in myself, nurture myself, love myself, and venture into a life of yoga. She is one of my grandest souls that I have been honored to be with.

Whom do you wish you could invite to the studio to sweat it out with you?

I would love to see my sweet daughter Sophia join me.

Where is your favorite place to spend time in Nevada County (other than WARMTH of course!)?

I love walking through Nevada City, catching my breath and enjoying life.

The Fourteen Minute Plank

For a little over a year now I have been on a path to help discover my authentic self through the amazing practice of yoga and INFERNO hot pilates. I have been on many journeys in my life, but this journey to find myself in a healthy physical body is one of the most fantastic. It started with a single class. I took it with confidence and have never looked back. My story is filled with a lot of physical trials and emotional ones. To those I must say, they are to be learned from and moved on from. They do not define me. My future is not dependent on the things that do not serve me. My future belongs to the beauty of my dreams. I was told by the woman who founded  INFERNO Hot Pilates that I had a small life force. I did. Since that first class last December I have had three throat surgeries. I now have enough oxygen to live boldly and breath in all of life. With each class, I have found the simple abundance in the ordinary, realizing that all I have is all I need. I welcome the choices I have, I love life and for the first time, I love my body.  While practicing yoga and INFERNO pilates, I have learned that I am capable of anything, even a fourteen minute plank.


Melalucca & DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner

doTerra Essential Oil Highlight

Most commonly known as “Tea Tree,” Melaleuca essential oil contains over 92 different compounds and has a variety of limitless applications.  Best known for its purifying properties, Melaluca is great for cleansing the skin, supporting  a healthy complexion, disinfecting surfaces throughout the home environment, clearing the air in our immediate surroundings and promoting healthy immune function.  Energetically, Melaluca essential oil is beneficial when working with clearing the heart chakra, encouraging the establishment of healthy boundaries and assisting in the release of toxic relationships.

  • Melaleuca essential oil blends well with all citrus oils, such as Wild Orange, Lemon or Lime.  In addition, it pairs nicely with Cypress, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rosemary, and Thyme. Common uses for Melaluca include:
    • For occasional skin irritations such as bug bites, acne, cuts or scratches, apply 1-2 drops  onto affected area immediately upon occurrence.
    • Combine 4 drops with 8 ounces of filtered water in a spray bottle and use as a facial toner to manage oily skin.
    • Combine 1-2 drops with a facial cleanser for added cleansing properties, or apply to skin after shaving.
    • Apply to fingernails and toenails after showering to purify and keep nails looking healthy.
    • Add a few drops to a spray bottle with water to use on disinfecting and sanitizing home surfaces.
    • Diffuse 3-4 drops with filtered water to clear and purify air toxicity.
    • Dilute 1 drop in 4 fluid ounces of liquid to support a healthy immune system and protect against environmental or seasonal threats.
    • Rub 2-3 drops into the soles of the feet to clear toxic emotions and promote balance of the heart chakra.

Make your own yoga mat cleaner to cleanse and clear excess bacteria!

  • DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner:
    • 8 drops doTerra Melaluca essential oil
    • 8 drops doTerra Lavender essential oil
    • 8 drops doTerra Wild Orange or Lemon essential oil
    • 4 oz distilled water
    • 1 spray bottle
    • Add essential oils and water to spray bottle, shake well.  Spray yoga mat after eachuse and wipe clean.
 Shannon Jaycox 
Blue Sage Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, Pancha Karma Specialist, doTerra Wellness Advocate

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august 1, 2016

Happy Anniversary to us! We are officially 13 years old and just as happens in the life of our children, our studio blossomed this year! We have embodied and claimed the wonderful community we continue to grow, we continue to add classes we as a group desire to have within these walls, all with the back-drop of our beloved 26&2 that continues to keep us grounded…

july 27, 2016

I am often asked how I clean the studio and what materials and products we use to do so. We have a Karma Cleaning team to clean our studio twice a day and they work diligently to create a clean and supportive environment for us to practice in. We use natural products and do our very best to create as little waste as possible…