may 9, 2016

It was just yesterday that I completed our Spring 60 Day Challenge. I took Natasha’s Yin Class, for my last class and sticker. As always, she led a beautiful class and as I lay in final savasana a sense of peace came over me. I felt centered, grounded, and my heart was swelling with not only pride of my own accomplishment, but for the upwards of 40 other students that did the same.

Each Challenge season ads a new layer to our studio. This Challenge has represented growth. We are on fire! We have welcomed hundreds of new students and doubled our teaching staff since January, all while a steady group of us have been stickering away. With the addition of our INFERNO classes and the growth of our Golden Hour, Yin, and Traditional classes, we are busting at the seems from sweat, to laundry, to love, to laughter, and the overwhelming sense of togetherness (let’s not even discuss the parking situation!).

At the same time that our studio has been growing, the Bikram world as a whole is going through change. This change has stemmed from the slew of lawsuits against Bikram himself and his company. Various allegations have been floating out there for years. I have been contemplating rebranding our studio for quite some time. It is from a place of love, knowledge, growth, acceptance for what I cannot change, and the belief that we can create a more powerful path, that I have decided to rebrand our studio.

I believe in the power of Bikram yoga . I have seen it heal and transform people. It has helped so many deal with and overcome so much: physically, emotionally and spiritually. I’ve seen it work its magic too many times to dismiss it and walk away. Many of you in the community already know this to be true, and many more of you will find out in due time. We have become more than Bikram Yoga Grass Valley Nevada City. We have become a studio that embraces several modalities that promote strength, health and flexibility. We have become a studio that is rooted in heat and sweat and everything that these properties bring to us and create within our body. We have also become a studio that brings so much more to each of us. We embrace support, acceptance, doing your best, second chances, successes, starting over-which all cultivate another sense of heat, a sense of WARMTH.

Come this Wednesday, our studio will transition to WARMTH. We are and continue to be the only hot yoga and pilates studio in Nevada County. We will keep our same schedule with the possibility of adding more classes to our schedule come Summer. I am elated by the belief that this week will be pivotal for our studio. I’m excited for what is to come and I am proud of the community and WARMTH our studio brings to each of us individually.

It has always been, and remains an honor to serve you.

Lots of hugs and Namastes,

Kelly Callender

Owner. Yogini. INFERNO enthusiast.

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