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amy's thoughts

I had just moved to the area and was looking for a place to continue my movement practice when a coworker told me about Warmth.  I had started Bikram a few years ago while living in the Bay Area, but stopped after I moved away.  Needless to say, when I found out about Warmth I was eager to begin again.  I checked out the website and was delighted to find that they offer a variety of classes, not just the Traditional Bikram class.  The Introductory Class was a perfect way for me to jump back in to my practice, and is also perfect for beginners who may be intimidated by what they’ve read about Traditional Bikram.  The Golden Hour Class and the Hot Pilates classes are a perfect way to start your day; an hour of HIIT combined with Pilates (it’s intense….and sooooo good), followed by an hour of Bikram-based yoga combined with postures from other Hatha yoga styles (think strengthening, compression and stretching)….ahhhhhhhhhh.  I leave class feeling this incredibly calm, quiet strength, ready to take on the day. I have yet to try the Yin Yoga but based on what I’ve heard from students who have taken it, it’s a perfect way to balance your practice.
All the teachers are incredibly warm, welcoming, and supportive.  They each have their own unique teaching styles, offering corrections, visualizations, and modifications when certain poses aren’t “available” to students; they really want students to succeed and that makes a huge difference.  And they’re honest about themselves and the practices; they know it’s tough and they want us to know they know, and that they are there to support everyone.
If you’re curious, check it out.  Come join the party!
Cheers & thanks for all you do,
Amy Qualls

laura's letter

You may or may not know that I used to be a very dedicated Bikram Yogi for 5 years. And after a 4 years hiatus, I’ve recently returned. I am back. I am happy about it, and I am motivated to share why. Don’t miss out on my top ten list, and opinions about Warmth!

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By Laura Chamberlin