Top 10 Reasons You Need More Warmth In Your Life

  1. Turn Back the Clock: Your skin starts to glow, and the way you carry yourself begins to change with your newfound flexibility and energy. You’ll feel good from the inside out as your body begins to heal old weaknesses. Your friends and family will wonder what you’e doing that’s creating this noticeable change.
  2. Get Happy: People who practice yoga and pilates smile more and are happier. It’s hard not to be happy when you feel so amazing.
  3. Sleep = Bliss: One of the first benefits people see is they fall asleep easier and wake up feeling fully rested and restored, ready to take on the new day.
  4. Lose It: Melt away fat by burning calories and toning muscles. Warning: You’ll feel so good in your own skin you may even want to run around naked… we just ask you save that for home, or at least our locker rooms.
  5. Crank Up Your Volume: You will have more energy throughout your day and be better able to accomplish your responsibilities.
  6. Supercharge Your Libido: Enough said.
  7. Laser Beam Focus: You’ll feel less stressed and more in control of your time. You’ll have new mental clarity and be able to focus on the tasks at hand.
  8. Rock Star Confidence: If you can commit to a regular Warmth practice, you can do anything. Empowerment comes from knowing you are more in control of your health and overall well-being.
  9. Unplug: Our classes range from 60 to 90 minutes, all of which are for you — a great escape from the daily rat race.  There is no time to think about problems or your to-do list. You are 100% focused on your body and your breath.
  10. We’re a Fun Bunch: We have an amazing community of really cool, positive people here at Warmth. You’ll be surrounded by others who are interested in improving their lives and living healthy lifestyles.

see you in the yoga room!

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