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We all love our studio life. Not just the physical and mental benefits, but the community within our studio walls (and beyond)! Like everyone else, we once started at square one, and now we love to encourage others in their first step and be with them on their journey.


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mariah sunrae

owner. warmth flow instructor.

My yoga journey began at the age of 13, at home following along with videos and books, and has continued to evolve ever since. Fascinated by the way that a consistent yoga practice influenced my life so powerfully, I was curious about this ancient practice and wanted to dive deeper. This led me to…


meg heauser

retail & communications manager.
hot yoga instructor.

Meg took her first Bikram class on a whim while in high school & practiced sporadically through her college years. It wasn’t until she moved to the frigid cold town of Truckee that she became an avid enthusiast of the hot room & the therapeutic benefits, both physical & mental. Although the bitter cold…


justine gervase

senior hot yoga instructor

Justine Guiney has been teaching Bikram Yoga since the Fall of 2002. She grew up in San Diego CA., where dance, equestrian sports, and surfing were her main passions and sources of exercise. She attended the University of California at Santa Cruz for college and attained a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Environmental Studies. Through her college years Justine grew more interested in yoga…


kristin aguilar

inferno enthusiast

I am lucky enough to say that I was born and raised in Nevada County. My parents came to Nevada County in the late 1950’s, and I am the youngest of three children. After college, I traveled for a year, returned home to visit, and met my husband, Paul Aguilar. We have two children, Patrick (23) and Annie (20). I have a teaching credential in English and Physical Education, and…

instructor shelly

shelly allen

inferno enthusiast

I love this class for so many reasons. The heat! I love it hot. The hotter the better. Throw in some upbeat music and I’m cheering on my class to push through and keep moving. I have been an avid runner since I was a teenager. Since then, fitness has always been a priority. Not just for physical strength but for stress relief, mental stamina and clarity in those…

Melissa Domingo

melissa domingo

hot yoga instructor

I grew up in northern New Jersey, and moved west when I turned 25. My first stop was Las Vegas, I resided there for 5 years, and this is where I first discovered my yoga practice in 2009. It makes so much sense, being that I worked in the toxic environment of the casino industry. My first organized yoga class experience was the Bikram method…

Vanessa Orlandi

vanessa orlandi

senior hot yoga instructor

Vanessa was introduced to Bikram Yoga when she was about 18 years old and was immediately hooked. Shortly after she began practicing, her father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. During the difficult years that followed, Warmth became so much more than just a yoga studio. It became a place of refuge and the practice quickly revealed…

Michaela King

michaela king

hot yoga instructor

Michaela took her first hot yoga class in 2004, while pursuing her degree in Theater at Sacramento State. She remembers being amazed at the room full of people holding their arms out parallel for the entire awkward series, while her triceps burned and arms wobbled – it’s astounding what you can do with practice! Walking out in a sweaty glow on shaky limbs…

Warmth Studios Hot Pilates Instructor Kristin Jones

kristin jones

inferno enthusiast

I have loved being in the hot room since I took my first Bikram class in November of 2013 and I have been a devoted follower ever since. Yoga has been a perfect complement to my marathon running, but as I get older I have realized that I need a variety of workouts to keep my body fresh and injury-free. I took my first Inferno Hot Pilates class in December of 2015…


amanda prentice

inferno enthusiast.

As the youngest of four in an active family, I had no choice but learn to swim, ski, ride, and work hard. Nevada County became our home when my siblings were in middle school and high school and I was just a baby (yes, a big age gap in my family). We lived near a local lake and my mother made it mandatory that we all swim before we walked. Swim team and…

SarinaOrellana Warmth Inferno Hot Pilates

sarina orellana

inferno enthusiast

My name is Sarina Orellana and fitness has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up playing competitive basketball, starting in 2nd grade and continuing all the way through college. After a single season playing at Sierra College, health issues took over and I had to set aside my basketball career. While this was a devastating loss, I discovered a new passion…


danica vega

hot yoga instructor

Danica is a Nevada County Native, who after a 9 year vacation living in Santa Barbara, California, decided to return to the beautiful Sierra Foothills. Bringing back with her a passion to share how Yoga can be a transformative journey. Within her time in Santa Barbara she honed in on her desire to help others feel better. Focusing on modalities that stood the test of time…


natasha vinson

senior yin instructor.
hot yoga instructor.

Natasha Vinson began her study of yoga with a book given by her mother when she was a teen. Her interests in other cultures and spiritual traditions led to her undergraduate degree in anthropology and sociology but began when traveling with her parents, reading, and collecting dolls from around the world. She grew up…


francisco morales-bermudez

traveling instructor.

Born in Peru, Francisco has traveled far and wide around the world practicing yoga and growing his own practice to further instruct others. We love having him stop by once in a while to join our studio family!