francisco morales-bermudez

traveling instructor

Born in Peru, Francisco has traveled far and wide around the world practicing yoga and growing his own practice to further instruct others. We love having him stop by once in a while to join our studio family!

five fabulous facts

Where is your favorite place to spend time in Nevada County
(other than Warmth of course)?

Kelly & Rea’s house

What makes you feel warm and fuzzy about our studio?

The sweetest community vibe that keeps me returning from Perú…the long lasting friendship with Kelly. Watching friendships evolve. The open mindedness and supportive Warmth community.

Why do you like it hot?

Because the heat heals.

What is your favorite fruit?


What’s your most prized possession?

It’s not a possession but I value being from Peru and my strong roots there make it easy for me to travel with a sense of home.

class with francisco