katie duncan

karma cleaner manager. inferno enthusiast.

I was raised in Grass Valley and although I’ve lived in various places in California, I love calling Nevada County home. I currently am pursuing a master’s degree in Civil Engineering at Sacramento State with the goal of working to efficiently design and sustainably manage our precious water resource systems.

I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years and I am so grateful for the time that I have on my mat as it provides much needed balance in my life. In my free time I love gardening, hanging out with my niece and nephew, going camping with my hubs, and being outside. I love bubbly water, avocados, summer tomatoes, (and grilled cheese and chocolate cake…shhh).

five fabulous facts

Where is your favorite place to spend time in Nevada County
(other than Warmth of course)?

I love to spend time in the mountains – on the trails and by the lake. There’s no better way to spend the day than hiking in the sunshine amongst the trees.

What makes you feel warm and fuzzy about our studio?

The authenticity of our little yoga community. I love the camaraderie during Inferno, the encouragement to get in to the room, and the unconditional support in helping each other reach our goals.

Why do you like it hot?

There’s nothing like entering the hot room and getting sweaty. The minute I step in the hot room, that space and time is for me. I forget about my to do list and my worries; it’s all about being present in my practice.

What is your favorite fruit?

I love apricots – beautiful, sweet, June apricots fresh from the farmer’s market.

What’s your most prized possession?

Josh, because he is EVERYTHING.

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