mariah orellana

warmth flow instructor

My yoga journey began at the age of 13, at home following along with videos and books, and has continued to evolve ever since. Fascinated by the way that a consistent yoga practice influenced my life so powerfully, I was curious about this ancient practice and wanted to dive deeper. This led me to the California College of Ayurveda where I graduated in the spring of 2014 as an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner & Body Therapist. Since then, I have been helping people heal themselves through Ayureda.

I completed my Yoga Teacher Training in March of 2015 and have been teaching ever since, with the exception of the time I took away from the studio to birth my sweet baby girl, Kali, in February of 2016. Yoga and Ayurveda have brought so much balance, love and acceptance into my life, and I am honored to get to share these powerful tools with others.

When I’m not practicing or teaching Yoga, or practicing Ayurveda, I fill my days spending time in nature, gardening, snowboarding, playing with my husband Isaiah, my daughter Kali and our 2 dogs.

five fabulous facts

Where is your favorite place to spend time in Nevada County
(other than Warmth of course)?

The Yuba River, or any of the beautiful natural lakes in the grouse ridge area.

What makes you feel warm and fuzzy about our studio?

The people, the love, the community!

Why do you like it hot?

It feels so good & cozy 🙂

What is your favorite fruit?


What’s your most prized possession?

My biomat, a mat filled with Amythest. It’s pretty special to me, and my daughter loves it too 🙂

class with mariah