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shelly allen

inferno enthusiast

I love this class for so many reasons. The heat! I love it hot. The hotter the better. Throw in some upbeat music and I’m cheering on my class to push through and keep moving.

I have been an avid runner since I was a teenager. Since then, fitness has always been a priority. Not just for physical strength but for stress relief, mental stamina and clarity in those stressful times.

Physical strength and mental stamina have been the foundation for my career in wildland fire. As a Smokejumper, Heli-Rappeller, and Hotshot I have spent the majority of my career traveling around the country from Alaska to Florida and back again fighting wildland fires.

I moved to the Nevada City area a few years ago and took my first Bikram yoga class. Strength, balance, calm, focus, and heat. What a wonderful compliment to my normal workouts.

Then I was introduced to Inferno Hot Pilates…

Music. Strength. Energy. What a way to work out! I enjoy leading the Monday 4:30pm and Friday 5:30am class of Inferno Hot Pilates. Yes. 5:30am! Wake up! Get up! And work on that core long before other people are stirring.

five fabulous facts

Where is your favorite place to spend time in Nevada County
(other than Warmth of course)?

I love to spend time at the magical Yuba River.

What makes you feel warm and fuzzy about our studio?

The studio is filled with people who are like family. When I walk in the studio there is a positive energy that surrounds me and relaxes me.

Why do you like it hot?

The heated room allows my muscles to relax and get deeper into the poses and detoxifies my body.

What is your favorite fruit?

My favorite fruit is pineapple.

What’s your most prized possession?

My most prized possession is my Devinci Troy Mountain Bike.

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